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About Us

A group of power electronics engineering veterans came together to sow the seed for Tech Power Technologies. Owning more than 15 years of experience, these engineers bring in-depth technical know-how and expertise in the field of power electronics equipment.

Established in 2014, our Rajapalayam manufacturing unit is of a high standard. Fitted with world-class machinery, it produces tons of electronics equipment all year. We also have tie-ups with the industry's leading manufacturers.

Tech Power's electronic equipments range from Stabilizers, Isolation Transformers, Control Panels, Online UPS, AC & DC Drives, Air Dryers, Air Compressors, Surge Lightning Arrester, Industrial Motors to Cables & Switch Gears. To know more about them, dive into the OUR PRODUCTS section.


Our Vision

Facilitating you to access and utilize the electric energy in an effortless way. We enable you to control large amounts of energy with increasing efficiency and ingenuity. In other words, we help you to have steady and dependable electric power with the desired conditions or specifications.

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