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Tech Power Technologies is managed by a team of designing engineers with over 15 years of experience in the field of power electronics equipment.

Our products are manufactured at Rajapalayam established in 2014.Tech Power brand is synonymous with awesome quality and active service support - which are our main focus.The above attributes have helped us in realizing customer satisfaction and loyality.

Tech Power manufacturing of a servo controlled voltage stabilizers (SCVS) Isolation transformer, APFC Panel, Transformers, Traders of AC drives,UPS.

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What we do

We make the processing of high voltages and currents efficient. With our finest power electronics, we assist in the economical use of electrical energy and environmental control. For both household chores and industrial needs, we enhance your ability to save electricity. Our products are being used in power conditioning, temperature and lighting control, renewables power conversion, medical applications, communications, computer industry, computer networks, electric power networks, and transportation.

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isolation transformers manufacturer in tamilnadu

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